Treatment Philosophy

I believe that everybody can learn normalized eating, trust the body’s innate ability to reach a stable weight and maximize their overall health with a non-dieting approach. I do not judge foods as “good” or “bad” but coach my clients to eat all foods in moderation and to manage their feelings as they surface approach every client as a unique individual who has brought up the courage to look at the changes necessary to improve their health and guide her or him gently through the next steps that are ahead of her or him.
Clients will learn how their present eating and dieting is affecting their body and what role that behavior plays as a coping mechanism in their life.
My theoretical direction is anchored in the medical model of nutritional and cognitive behavior therapy. Where appropriate I use the Maudsley method for children, teenagers, and their families.

Normalized eating includes:

  1. Eat all foods in moderation without fear or need to compensate with behavior.
  2. Understand that your eating varies with the time of day, your vicinity to food, and your physical needs.
  3. Recognize when you are hungry and feed your body.
  4. Recognize when you are satisfied and stop eating.
  5. Understand that your feelings can change your body signals and your ability to eat.