Eat without fear!

Sabine Haake


Everybody can learn normalized eating, trust their body’s innate ability to reach a stable weight and maximize their overall health with a non-dieting approach. When you stop judging food as neither “good” nor “bad” and practice to eat all foods in moderation, you can address the feelings that have been waiting to surface. Courage is when you try something difficult.  


Sabine Haake M.A.R.D. has a B.S. in Nutritional Science and Clinical Dietetics with advanced specialty training in Eating Disorders from U.C. Berkeley. She worked for 18 years in companies like CPMC, 

Kaiser, and New Dawn ED Recovery 

Center with individuals and groups to 

facilitate normalized eating and to manage 

stressors during the recovery process in a 

non-judgmental manner. She has 

successfully implemented the modified 

Maudsley method for teenage clients and their families and publicly speaks to local school communities about a non dieting approach to prevent childhood obesity and body image crisis in our society. She is a member of the American Dietetics Association.

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